Facebook Business Strategy For Success

Social media marketing and Facebook marketing in particular has literally replaced blogs that business owners have traditionally relied on to promote their businesses. It is not surprising that every business, both small and large, now strive a strong presence on Facebook to take advantage of it’s over a billion registered users. Facebook has indeed become a major business promotion platform because of its many social media tools that you too can effectively make use of for business success.There are certainly several strategies that you can employ to effectively advertise or market on Facebook. However, not all available strategies can be of benefit to your advertising campaign. A suitable Facebook business strategy for success depends on your type of business, size and amount of budget you are prepared to incur to advertise your business. Below are just some of the most popular and effective Facebook business strategies for success.Off-Line EngagementYou do not need to restrict your Facebook advertising to Facebook users. Off-line engagement through event postings can create a viral wave about your business so long as you make use of such postings correctly. The secret lies in creating irresistible events that anyone cannot resist. You need to do this by crafting enticing headline, proper description and sending out irresistible invitations.Virtual KeepsakesThis is a very effective strategy you cannot afford to ignore especially during and after an event. You need to take photos during events, photos that you eventually post on your Facebook business fan page. You can easily create a post-event buzz by inviting those who attended your event to tag themselves. The strategy has a long-term in effect as it keeps your fans coming back to your fan page to not only see their images but also to engage with your business.Facebook Discussion ForumsThis strategy is effective when you do not have a support forum on your traditional website. You can easily drive visitors from your traditional website to your Facebook fan page from where they can access necessary support. Managing the forum (under Discussion) is very important because you need to check new issues on a regular basis so as to give solutions where necessary.Ad PromotionCreating your business ad is a very effective Facebook business strategy for success. That should however not be the end of your advertising. You need to go a step further to promote your ad to a specific segment of Facebook users to enhance your success. You indeed have the opportunity to target Facebook users according to their age, location and interest among other demographics.Photo/Video CollectionMany business owners advertising on Facebook have traditionally relied in posts and events to engage their Facebook page fans. Being creative can be a very effective strategy in promoting your business. One way to do this is to engage your fans in various activities. For instance, you can create a contest where your fans take photos/videos with your brand at special locations and ask them to upload the same to your Facebook fan page or to such other sites as YouTube. The positive effect such a contest can have on your advertising efforts can simply be rewarding.As earlier indicated, there is simply no uniform Facebook business strategy for success that suits all businesses. You need to analyze your business with the aim of ascertaining what effective strategy to employ. Strategies available are not limited to those indicated above. There are certainly many others. The good thing with these strategies is that you do not need to spend a fortune to employ; you can indeed employ most of them at no cost.

Facebook Business Pages – 7 Things to Consider When Creating Your Facebook Business Page

If you are looking for new and innovative marketing strategies to reach out to a large number of people, Facebook is the ideal option. Facebook is the most popular social networking site on earth, which makes it a ready market for your business! What is unique about Facebook is that it lets you create business pages, where you can communicate and interact with your followers while promoting your business.However, you must know a few tricks to make your Facebook business page popular and increase your audience. Here are seven the most important aspects of creating a successful Facebook page:1. Your profile picture on the left side is the first thing someone sees when looking at your page, so you need to make the most out of it. I like referring to it as a piece of the real estate and Facebook allows to have it in certain size. Use it all! A page without a picture or with an irrelevant or unclear picture will not attract attention, and as a result, people will be less likely to check out your page or follow you.2. First impression is everything! Once your profile picture captures their attention, prospective followers will go ahead and view your Business Page — so the next step is to take care of your landing page. This does not have to be the “Wall” where you and all your followers post updates and comments, you simply have to have a professionally designed landing page for your business. This is a great way to control the first impression a new follower gets of your brand!3. Regular updates are absolutely necessary. The best strategy is to post one update a day, and keep interacting with followers through comments. This increases the popularity of your posts and makes your page look active and interesting.4. Photos and videos section should be utilized to the maximum. If you want to promote your business through images and videos, Facebook enables you to upload as many pictures as you want. Moreover, you can always share videos (hosted on another platform) in order to keep your followers engaged.5. Interacting with your followers is an absolute must. Followers would want to receive replies for the comments or suggestions they make. When you interact with your followers, it generates more hits for the page, thus increasing the visibility and popularity of the page.6. Generate hits on the “Like” button. There is a simple rule that works around Facebook: Like others to get liked. So, you could exchange “Likes” with your followers and related Business pages within your industry in order to generate more “Likes” on your page.7. Organize events on Facebook. The main idea is to keep followers updated on everything that happens in your business. So, if there is an event that you would like to organize, make sure you update that on Facebook, and you might be pleasantly surprised to see how many of your followers turn up at the event!These are some simple ways to make the most of your Facebook page, but of course, all these strategies take time to implement and grow in popularity. If you really want to make a splash on Facebook without spending too much of your valuable time online, Social Media Management is the way to go – working with professionals you will reap the benefits of a strong Social Media strategy and learn from the experts!